From the height of my 1.57 m (5.15 ft), I am an Artist, a woman passionate about creating, painting, and writing. Love, Art, and Creation are driving forces that push me to reinvent myself, to go out of my frame of reference.

They help me to question myself on small technical details or on big existential questions.


I wish to propagate Love through Art, to use Art as a means of communication, as a means of mobility, Art is an open and resistant tool.

I am a self-taught artist, I celebrate through my means of expression the emotions that run through me, carry me, those that transcend and overwhelm me.

For me, Art is a freedom that feeds our minds, no one can prevent us from dreaming, imagining, thinking.



Art is a vector of happiness that rocked me since my earliest childhood. I like the idea that colors punctuate my days. My mother has always been a painter in parallel of her professional activity.

I liked the atmosphere of her workshops, I saw her painting, I could smell her paintings, I observed her paintings being born over time.

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She transmitted to me the little spark, the love for Art. It took me a long time to dare to take the plunge, probably the time I needed, the time to feel ready.



I am passionate about the sea, sailing machines, poets, books, humans and their amazing stories.

I am sensitive to faces, to energies, to smiles that marvel, to the Nature and to the little things that make up a beautiful story.

As I said, Love is my favored source of inspiration.


Trying to cultivate the wonder of little things and unexpected surprises.

The strength of resilient and daring people animates me.

The charity of the souls around me nourishes me.

I am fascinated by the beautiful human and artistic encounters, those related to nature and to all that is still unknown.


In my practice, the creative process is characterized by a succession of steps.

Inspiration is a driving force nourished by work, research, tests, sketches, curiosity, dreams and observations.


I go through alternating phases between moments when ideas fuse, those when I sort them out, moments when nothing happens, I call them creative breathing.

During these quiet times, the brain continues its quest by also calling on my intuition.

When the idea comes to life, my thinking will focus on shaping it.

From what angle will I wish to apprehend the concept?

How can I bring it to life? With which materials?

I make sketches in my head, in my dreams, on my workbooks.


The creative act is not reserved for anyone, allowing oneself to create is probably the biggest fence to overcome in our highly formatted societies. According to Dr. Keith Sawyer, an American professor of psychology, “no one is born highly creative. “Psychologists studying creativity have discovered that it is based on cognitive processes that we all share. Creativity is not the result of a magical region of the brain that some people have and others do not. »


I am an “Art Intermixer” this term came up while discussing with my husband. I was looking for a word that could define my practice.

I use different techniques, especially painting and collage. I intermix them, that means I destructure, transform and mix them.


I also use words, poetry.

In my opinion, in our French professional culture we tend to compartmentalize everything and that lacks flexibility, so I have fun blowing up these limits.


The beautiful human and artistic encounters animate me.

The close people, the strangers, who believe in my projects encourage and motivate me.

They transmit to me the energy I need to pursue my dreams.


I like to generate emotions through my art, my writing, it is a certain pleasure to share my creations.

Seeing that my art has been received transmits joy to me.



A painter, Craig Hanna, his portraits carry me, make me vibrate.

His working technique impresses me. His paintings are embodied, they have temperament.
The colors he uses are powerful, they have a particular light and he always manages to capture the strength of emotions whether it is a landscape or a portrait.

Crédit photo @hcraighanna


I also recently discovered a Painter-Sculptor  Valérian Sioridzé.

He gives a soul to the monkeys and gorillas, to the animals he sculpts. His work is fascinating.
I discover some every day, he also shares on his instagram account the evolution of his creative process, from the elaboration to the firing, from the demolding of his works to their birth.

Crédit photo : @vsioridze

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Social networks allow me to travel from my office.
They are communication tools that are hard to do without today.
It’s a way to generate exchanges with my community, with strangers, with professionals.
It’s always motivating to have direct feedback, it facilitates contact and opens up opportunities.


Come and join me on the networks: You can find my Facebook page and my Instagram.

Following me on these networks allows me to be better referenced, to make the algorithms work, they are like Santa Claus’ little elves, workers in the shadows but indispensable for the magic to spread.

And above all, they offer us the possibility to exchange and share.
Do not hesitate to contact me


After my bachelor’s degree, I plan to enter the faculty of Art History, for lack of faculty seats I choose philosophy, it is a subject that animates me. I am leaving after six months because the opportunities seem uncertain and this is not the direction I want to take in the long term.


I return to my passion for sailing. I obtain my Sport Educator’s State Certificate in

sailing (BESS 1), a captivating job. Unfortunately, I had to quit a few years later due to back problems. Teaching this sport is no longer an option for me.

To bounce back, I signed up for a training course of “Nautical saleswoman” with the « Chambre de Commerce et de l’industrie » in Nantes, the same year, in 2005, I gave birth to my daughter.

For economic reasons I finally sell clothes in a small store in Granville. A painful but formative experience.  I remember a very beautiful encounter with Michèle, the store manager who has more than one string to her bow. I negotiated an amical termination of my contract with the company in order to move into the social work sector.

Afterwards, I worked for the association « l’Etape » for several years. My missions were around social and professional integration. Following the loss of a market, I was laid off economically. I take advantage of this opportunity to train myself, I validate my diploma of Counsellor in Social and Professional Insertion with the AFPA of Caen.

After this period, I joined the Local Mission of Granville where I had the chance to work with the director Jean-Pierre Saint for 5 years. For me it is a militant and interesting work, which allows me to support young people towards the realization of their projects.

In parallel of my professional activities, I make my paintings, I also keep a blog under a

pseudonym for two years with my sidekick at the time “June” who bring me his

corrections. I continue writing by participating in contests.

In 2018, alternating with my job in Granville, I choose to return to the benches of the University of Rennes to take a Professional Degree in Coordination, Animation and Development of Social Projects. I obtained it with honors after an intense year and countless hours of work. This diploma allows me to create my new part-time position of development officer for socio-cultural actions within the Local Mission of Granville.

But life takes me in a different direction. Our director Jean-Pierre Saint is heading towards his artistic projects of Author and Musician. The militant dimension collapses while the institutional pressure grows stronger.

I no longer find myself in this new professional environment. It is timely because the man of my life has been pointing the tip of his nose, for as long as I have been waiting for him…

This is the opportunity for me to leave the structure and Normandy to sail towards new adventures, dare to undertake my own projects and dare to leave what no longer suits me.

In 2020, at the dawn of my 40th birthday, I told myself that it was time to pass the Cape and dare to do what I am deeply motivated to do. Hence the creation of a company as an Artist-Author, I wish to reconcile this passion in the future with a part-time job in order to keep in touch with the human world.




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